Science Explains How Much Bananas, Toothpaste, And Sugar You Would Need To Eat To Kill You

How much pepper would you need to eat to kill you? How much sugar would you need to scarf down to kill you? How much toothpaste would you need to ingest to kill you? Can you overdose on eating 11,000 oranges at once? Love potassium? Can gobbling too many bananas end your life? These are the questions that the good folks from AsapScience answered in their informative video titled “This Much Will Kill You pt.2”

Back in 2015, AsapScience published their first “This Much Will Kill You” video that tackled the ridiculous doses of things such as coffee, water, alcohol, oxygen, music, chocolate, and marijuana that would end your life if you overindulged. But once again, no person has ever died from weed so this, of course, is all hypothetical.

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