Austin Rodgers Reveals He’s Still Bartending After Glorious ‘Jeopardy’ Run, But Has Big Plans

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Austin Rodgers took a wild ride during his sensational Jeopardy winning streak that included dick trees. The reign on top for the smartest bartender in the world ended after a sizzling 12-game winning streak, which ranks fifth-best of all-time on the quiz show, where he racked up $411,000 in prize money. However, the money and fame aren’t going to Austin’s head because he’s still bartending. However, Austin’s new-found celebrity may open several promising doors for him.

Austin revealed that he is still bartending and his new fame is bringing in hordes of adoring fans. So many in fact that Austin jokingly says that his bosses should be providing him with “sexual favors for how much money I’m making them.” Austin continues to bartend despite the “offers pouring in like crazy” including hosting various gigs, some of which are serious, some are comedic. “I’m going to be able to do something out of this, I’m pretty excited,” he told TMZ. However, Rodgers said that he is most focused on finishing the historical book he’s writing that centers around the American Revolution with a New York setting and then selling it. Congratulations to Mr. Rodgers and may he find success in his post-Jeopardy life.