Ultimate Trust Test: Two Bros Get Tattooed Blindfolded And Let Each Other Pick The Ink Out

Under no circumstances can I ever imagine myself getting a tattoo blindfolded after letting a friend, not even a best friend, pick out that tattoo because they think I’ll like it. What’s that phrase about how your skin is a canvas and tattoos are the art that is supposed to tell your story? Did I just make that shit up or did I read that somewhere on Instagram? Whatever. Not important. What matters here is that a tattoo cannot be truly meaningful if you just let one of your friends pick it out on a whim.

I’ve got respect for the Bucket List Boys on YouTube. Getting a tattoo blindfolded and letting someone else pick it out takes some serious balls. I guess it helps ease the nerves when you get the ink done at California Dream Tattoo, a tattoo shop that’s put ink on some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities including Justine Beaver…Somewhat related, don’t you think it’s a little fucked up that one of the dudes chose a massive tattoo for his friend while the other one chose something pretty small and discrete?

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