Bro Spends An Entire Vacation Trolling His Girlfriend With The Same Joke And It’s Incredible

I respect the ever living shit out of this bro’s hustle. If you’re going to commit to making the same joke over and over until it becomes funny you really need to commit. When crackin’ the same joke on repeat it gets old after the first few attempts, but if you stick with the trolling long enough it’ll eventually become funny again, or funny for the first time if it was never hilarious to begin with.

This British bro’s supercut from vacation is going viral. It’s just hit the ‘trending’ section on YouTube after picking up some steam on Reddit’s r/videos earlier today. He kicks off vacation with the joke, and before Camille knew what was happening she was getting hit with the same ‘got enough?’ joke again and again and again and again and again and again until she was at her wit’s end.

It’s easy to latch onto a joke for an hour or two and ditch it when it becomes annoying. Trolling at this level, over the course of an entire vacation, takes some true dedication and we really need to respect this bro’s hustle.