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Love reading the BroBible app on your iPhone or iPad? Well, we have a very important update. Since reacquiring the site a few months ago, we had to migrate the app to our new ownership (real pain in the ass, let me tell you) and apparently if you want the latest and greatest from BroBible, you need to A) download the new BroBible iOS app , B) delete the old one from your phone and C) shake your fist at Apple for making this process annoying for everyone involved. Nice work, Apple. Ya dicks.

If you’re unfamiliar, the BroBible app updates in real-time and has all the latest and greatest BroBible content without the hassle of typing our URL into your phone’s web browser, using social media, or punching letters into Google and finding us by chance.

Anyway, whether you use the old app or not, you should honestly just download the new one and give it a test drive. Because this is not one of the times in life that you take the butcher’s word for it. This is one of those times when you can only get a good look at a T-bone by sticking your head up the bull’s ass. So go do the app-testing equivalent of that, by downloading our FREE iOS app here.

You have my word that this app is sexual. Down to the very last drop.

Happy reading, Bros.

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