Cameraman Caught Fixated On Strip Club Billboard During Live News Broadcast

A cameraman was caught checking out a strip club advertisement during a live news broadcast in Mississippi. The cameraperson was supposed to be focusing in on a car accident, but instead he was completely fixated on investigating the specials at Danny’s Downtown Cabaret that include “T&A Tuesdays,” “Girls Gone Wild Wednesday,” and “3some Thursdays.” Hey, for $5 pitchers of Miller Lite at a strip club on Mondays, it’s good to be informed as to the daily specials.

You can’t blame the dude for being intrigued by Danny’s Downtown Cabaret because it seems like a nice enough establishment. It has a 4.3 rating out of 5 on Facebook and a 3.4 rating out of 5 on Google Reviews. One reviewer noted that the “fish was excellent but the sides service and drinks were horrible.” So there you go, you don’t see a strip club with superb seafood every day, so it’s smart to take notice.


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