5 Ways CBD Dog Treats Helps An Anxious Dog Go From A Good Boy To A VERY GOOD BOY

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There are a lot of bad things in life, but one of the most irritating is a dog that has no chill. Hey, it’s not necessarily their fault, after all, we’re the ones training the pup to be a good or bad boy, but it can be annoying AF when your dog decides to go into full-on freakout mode at the slightest sound. Unlike most humans — Floridians notwithstanding — dogs just can’t control their emotions.

In the past, simply letting the dog outside to run off his or her energy was always the preferred method of dealing with this little problem, allowing yourself to chill on the couch or host friends without much distraction from an overzealous canine. But, as we’ve pointed out before, the new (and best) option might be to slip a CBD dog treat into your pup’s mouth — because they work.

Look, we’re not telling you to have your dog become the Cheech to your Chong, but giving him or her a FOMO Bone — which has 5 milligrams of CBD for your talk to always be chill AF — will help them relax and be on their best behavior no matter the situation. And, since we care about yours and your dog’s well-being, here are five ways in which FOMO Bones CBD dog treats can help with its anxiety.

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Makes Them Less Aggressive

It can be scary when your dog constantly jumps on other people or barks aggressively at things that you don’t think it should. FOMO Bones CBD dog treats can help ease their minds and not see everything as a threat, which, in turn, will help you keep him from scaring people.

Helps Them De-Stress

Naturally, most things with CBD will calm nerves down and de-stress the mind. This is another positive of FOMO Bones CBD dog treats for your pooch, making them less reactionary to some of the small things that may startle them, or the worry they have when not around you.

Can Save You Money

Not sure what to do with a dog that’s acting up? Most people might just say screw it and drop a boatload on obedience school. Have you checked the prices of those things? Damn, they can be expensive. By having your pup chew on a FOMO Bones CBD dog treat instead to help alleviate anxiety, your wallet won’t get hit as hard.

Helps Them Play Nicer With Other Dogs

Going to the dog park but not sure how your canine is going to play with other dogs? Some four-legged friends hang off on their own, others run around and others seem to get into fights. With FOMO Bones CBD dog treats, your dog will be much more chill around their fellow furry friends, so let them play away without much fear.

Can Help With Human Interaction

One thing no dog owner wants to deal with is a pup who gnaws, bites or attacks a person. Thanks to all the benefits of FOMO Bones CBD dog treats, your dog should be able to interact with humans more effectively, too, which will ease your mind to keep him or her around when you’ve got visitors over.

Whether it’s separation anxiety each day when you drop him or her off at day care, lunging at strangers anytime you go for a walk or bark like crazy at the slightest movement in your tiny apartment, FOMO Bones CBD dog treats will help chill your pooch out and really make him or her your best friend.

Order FOMO Bones using the code BROPUPS for 10% off!


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