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How CBD Gummies Help Me Get The Best Sleep Of My Life

Brandon Wenerd

Presented in partnership with Sunday Scaries CBD gummies…

Tell me this hasn’t happened to you: You get home after a long day at work, throw on some Netflix, and spend the evening sending friends memes. You brush your teeth, slip under the sheets, and continue to mess around on your phone. You make a couple strategic trades on your fantasy team, mindlessly browse Zillow, and somehow end up on a UFO subreddit *for hours*. You know you *should* just put the damn thing down but you can’t. Your body is telling you that it’s ready for you to tap out for the day but your mind is still racing, absorbing all that sweet, sweet digital stimuli.

Eventually, you doze off. But when you wake up in the morning, your slug through your day with five hours of rest. You’re playing American Legion ball while everyone else is on their A-game in the Majors.

I’m a night owl by nature. That said, I have AWFUL sleep habits. I used to tell myself I could get by on four or five hours of sleep on the reg, even though I’d just be laying in bed, staring aimlessly at my phone or a TV.

Like most millennials, my day is consumed by the glow of digital screens. I wake up to an alarm on my cell phone, spend 10 minutes in a post-sleep fog looking at Twitter and e-mail before flipping on the coffee machine, then juggle between looking at a computer screen and phone for all aspects of my work day. After a bite to eat, evenings are a juggle between Netflix, Hulu, and video games.

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As a digital native in my early 30s, I’ve more or less had this schedule of digital consumption for the last 20 years of my life. The 12+ hours I look at screens every day has definitely taken a toll on my sleep schedule. Blue light – the blue wavelengths that project from digital displays – has been proven to cause a harmful effect on the human circadian rhythm. I know this sounds ironic coming from a guy who helps run a digital publishing business, but probably should be consuming less screens than more.

A couple months ago, a co-worker recommended trying the whole CBD thing when I mentioned how awful I am at sleeping. So I ordered a bottle of CBD gummies from Sunday Scaries. The delivery was super fast – Just a couple days. Then, after an exhausting week of work, I took two 5oz CBD gummies on a Friday night around 10PM. Knowing that I had absolutely nothing to do on Saturday morning, I crawled into bed, spent about 10 minutes scrolling through Instagram, and threw my phone on my nightstand before closing those eyelids.

I don’t think I crawled out of bed for 12 hours.

It was the best sleep I’ve ever had in my life.

I woke up refreshed. I woke up feeling alive.

For the first time in weeks, I felt like I actually did something right for my body.

Achievement unlocked for total mind + body wellness.

Products like Sunday Scaries CBD gummies are great for managing stress and hangovers. They’re also incredible for sleep. There’s no psychoactive “high” feeling with CBD, but it definitely helps put a mind at ease to catch some ZZZZs.

I’m going to sound like your aunt who’s been went to too many Grateful Dead shows in the ’80s, but CBD definitely gives a deep sense of connection a bed when you lay down to rest. You don’t want to leave it. You just want to enjoy it, being absorbed by the fluffy softness of pillows, blankets, and a great mattress while you rest.

And when you wake up, there’s no haze beyond usual morning grogginess.

Hemp-based CBD like Sunday Scaries is legal and all-natural, which is another big reason I started experimenting with it to get a better sleep. There are *many* over-the-counter sleep aids out there, but I’d much rather stick to a safe, all-natural remedy with simple results.

CBD is now a regular part of my “winding down” regiment now: Eat a CBD gummy or put a little dab from a tincture on a snack, power all the devices down, and throw on a little John Coltrane.

Count sheep, then wake up and feel AMAZING when it comes to slaying the day? I’m in.

Healthy routines and a great night’s rest are how you stay on top of your game and live your best life. Can’t complain about how CBD can safely enhance that process for me, personally.

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