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How Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies Helped Me Find Some Chill Before A Six-Hour Flight

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There are two types of people in this world: People who can sleep on planes and people who can’t, no matter how tired they are.

I fall firmly into the latter category and, if you fly a couple times a month, it’s more of a curse than a blessing. I’ll spend entire redeye flights from LAX to the east coast awake and anxious, arriving to important work functions bleary-eyed and tapped out from the travel.

I get antsy, anxious, and nervous on flights. Like millions of Americans, I just can’t seem to turn my brain off when it’s in the sky, no matter how comfortable my travel pillow happens to be. It sucks.

A couple weeks ago, I had a truly brutal travel schedule: Redeye from Los Angeles back to my hometown in Pennsylvania for a Friday wedding. In an all-time boneheaded move to save some money, I booked my return flight at 6AM on a Saturday morning, the day after the wedding.

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Not smart, especially considering that I’d be running on fumes from two cross-country flights in 48 hours, plus trying to cram in countless emails and the day-to-day duties of my work schedule between cross-country jet lag.

The flight there was miserable: I barely slept a wink. Instead, I crawled into bed at my parents house for a six hour nap, essentially wasting my day After a whirlwind 48-hours and a great wedding, it was time to head back to the airport at 3AM for a 6AM departure.

Having slept about an hour, I was determined to get some much-needed rest on the trip back to Los Angeles. I’ve used Sunday Scaries CBD plenty of times for a good night sleep at home in my bed, so I figured this flight was the perfect time to see how it’d work on a plane.

I ate two after we pushed off from the gate. By the time we were at cruising altitude, I was ready for a much-needed nap.

I slept like a dream, more or less out until we started our descent into LA.

Order Sunday Scaries CBD gummies using the code brobible10 for 10% off!


After a cup of coffee, I was ready for a full Saturday. My body clock felt completely adjusted after an exhausting 48 hours of cross-country travel.

As I mentioned earlier, products like Sunday Scaries CBD gummies are great for managing stress and hangovers. They’re also incredible for sleep. In my experience, CBD has this magical way of helping one find some chill. There’s no psychoactive “high” feeling with CBD, but it definitely helps put a mind at ease and relax when you need it most. Especially on an airplane.

Sunday Scaries CBD is made from hemp and contains no THC, so it’s legal. They’re also now offering a full-spectrum of products, including vegan gummies and 500mg tinctures, so you can dab CBD on a strawberry or candy-of-choice, if you prefer.

If your nerves go into overdrive before a long flight like mine do, it’s a total game-changer.

Order Sunday Scaries CBD gummies using the code brobible10 for 10% off!


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Note: Sponsored by Sunday Scaries CBD, but all opinions are my own.

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