Your Daily Cup Of Internet: Charlize Theron Hawks Budweiser; Jennifer Lopez Works The Pole

The internet is a very big place. Sure, it makes the world smaller, but the internet itself is gigantic. There is no way for anyone to be able to navigate it and see all of the content that is produced on a daily basis.

Heck, we can’t cover every story on the internet that we think you might want to know about, so rather than just pretend these things didn’t happen, we share.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your highly-caffeinated morning cup of internet.

Bump And Run: There are further rumblings that ESPN may shift NFL games to ABC in the next round of TV rights negotiations

Sports Entertainment: After years of ignoring her, WWE finally honors Chyna with Hall of Fame induction

Double Down: Top online poeker players boycott PokerStars

View-Master: Netflix’s Marvel cancellations signal the start of the new streaming world order

Love Connection: What to do after a first date if you want a second

Grab Bag

Model Citizen: What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Aspen Maye

Dance Dance Revolution: Jennifer Lopez goes pole dancing, A-Rod shoots clutch video

Grub Hub: Ohio State fans ate eight tons of nacho cheese last season

Stylin’ And Profilin’: Kim Kardashian accidentally wore her black dress backwards

Deadshot: Court rules man can’t have gun license after his dog shoots him with rifle

Totally Normal: Passenger strips to boxers and removes his socks for duration of flight

Abnormal Activity: Man stages fake DUI trial to propose to girlfriend, and people are asking why

Florida: Lawsuit accuses Florida Dept. of Corrections of multimillion-dollar digital media scam

What Are Those?

Trailer Park: Leaving Neverland

Nice Whip


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