Chef Gordon Ramsay Makes ‘Eggs Baked In Hash Browns’ And This Is What Heaven Looks Like

Are you hungry right now? No? You will be by the end of this video. It’s a quick breakfast tutorial from Chef Gordon Ramsay on how to make ‘Eggs Baked in Hash Browns’, and even though this recipe is painfully easy it’s a rare look at the chef behind the burner.

Usually, when we see Chef Gordon Ramsay on Tv/video he’s berating someone else who is cooking. He’s well known in America for Kitchen Nightmares, Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen. I definitely associate him with those shows over his actual life as a world-class chef. When I think of Chef Gordon Ramsay I think of him screaming at my best friend from middle school, Danny Veltri, who won season 5 of Hell’s Kitchen. I don’t necessarily think of Chef Gordon Ramsay wowing hungry patrons at his restaurants across the globe.

The clip above is currently the #1 trending video on YouTube, and for good reason. It’s a simple take on an American breakfast, and it looks fucking delicious. I wasn’t hungry at all before I started watching this video but now I’m starving and ready to take down the entire menu at a diner. So, a big shout out to Chef Gordon Ramsay for this simple recipe that’s going to change my breakfast routine for the next several months.

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