Chipotle Worker Signs Mega Modeling Deal After She Was Discovered By A Scout Serving Burritos

Imagine scrubbing the toilets at your dead end job counting down the minutes until your smoke break, when you turn around and P. Diddy is standing above you. Diddy tells you that he just listened to the mixtape you made in high school that you put on MySpace in 2004 and sees in you the next Tupac. He tells you to take off your apron and hands you a contract to sign with Bad Boy Records.

And just like that, your life went from scrubbing shit stains to international superstar in the making.

Well, that’s basically what happened to this Austin, Texas resident who was working at Chipotle before being discovered at her job by a modeling scout. Remington Williams was scrubbing dishes at Chipotle when the scout approached her about changing careers, and two weeks later she was being flown to New York to sign a modeling contract with DNA Models.

Directly after that, the graphic design student was walking on the same runway as Gigi Hadid at New York Fashion week, repping brands like Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs.

According to job site Glassdoor, the average hourly wage for a Chipotle crew member is $9.60/hour. The average hourly wage for a DNA Model starts at $224/hour. A cool 2,333% pay increase largely for just being in the right place at the right time. You go girl.

…Where’s my fucking modeling deal with Mouth Breathers Worldwide?!

[h/t New York Post]