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WRESTLING AT SEA: I Spent Four Days On The Chris Jericho Cruise And Learned What It Means To Pour Your Soul Out As A Wrestling Fan

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I’ll be honest: I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect or what the hell I was getting myself into when I got invited to Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager At Sea last week. Wreslting? At sea? On a ship full of savage wrestling fans?

After having the time of my life, I’m thoroughly impressed how unique and cool the entire experience ended up being.

It all started in 2015 when Chris Jericho, the wrestler who reinvented his career after moving on from the WWE in 2017 to become a superstar internationally in NJPW, decided he wanted to take on the ambitious task of putting on a wrestling-slash-rock n roll show while out on sea. Jericho isn’t some retired superstar resting on his laurels; he’s the current NJPW Intercontinental Champion and has spent 2018 headlining major events while feuding with megastars Kenny Omega and Tetsuya Naito.

According to The King Of Bling-Bling himself, via Cageside Seats

The moment I walked off The KISS Kruise after playing it with Fozzy in 2015, I called my manager with the idea doing a rock and wrestling cruise. My thoughts were that it would feature everything that Chris Jericho is known for: wrestling, rock n roll, podcasting, comedy, paranormal discussion and most importantly, A GREAT PARTY!” says Jericho. “Throw in as much food and drink you can handle, a beautiful island paradise like the Bahamas and you’ve got everything you need for the greatest destination vacation that a rock and wrestling fan could ever dream of!”

New Amsterdam Vodka, the spirits brand that recently became the Official Vodka of the NHL, was excited to jump on board with Jericho to help make his passion project become a reality. Their current platform, “Pour Your Soul Out,” celebrates those with uncompromising passion and a competitive spirit – including the athletes who put their bodies on the line and the fans who cheer them on. They know that wrestling fans are a highly-engaged tribe, regularly pouring their souls out for fan-favorites (…and the heels), making New Amsterdam Vodka a perfect fit for Jericho’s wrestling adventure on the high seas.

I tried my best to document the day-to-day experience of what what it was like to be on the Jericho cruise. Here’s what went down…

The Toast

Jerry “The King” Lawler and Jim Ross set the tone for the cruise with their toast that featured a quote from Caddyshack and a shot of New Amsterdam Vodka.

The Ring/ Wrestling.

We have to talk about how absurd it is that there was a ring featured right in the center of the ship where most of the action took place….


I’ve had decent seats to wrestling shows in the past but this was definitely the most intimate wrestling show I’ve ever been to. Fans were able to get as close as a few feet away from the action but the views from the balcony area were just as good.

Will Byington/Sixth Man

Will Byington/ Sixth Man

Will Byington/Sixth Man

Will Byington/Sixth Man

Will Byington/Sixth Man

Sometimes the best seats were near the pool when the action spilled out of the ring.

The Drinks

There were three featured New Amsterdam Vodka drinks on the ship, the Walls of Jericho, the Amsterdam Mule, and the Classic Screwdriver.

While New Amsterdam Vodka tastes great on its own, my drink of choice on the SS Jericho was the Amsterdam Mule, a refreshing take on the traditional Moscow Mule.

The Mule is simple to make, has a nice sweet lemon taste that packs a punch and kept me fueled throughout all the awesome wrestling action. Here’s the Amsterdam Mule recipe:

2 parts New Amsterdam® Vodka
3 parts ginger beer
½ part simple syrup
½ part fresh lime juice
Sprig of mint

Pour vodka over ice. Add simple syrup & lime juice. Top with ginger beer and stir. Spank mint sprig (to release aromas) & add as garnish.

If you’re not into sweet tasting drinks, New Amsterdam Vodka goes down pretty damn smooth without a mixer.

The Music

Chris Jericho and his band Fozzy played three shows on the main stage. Jericho’s band went hard and entertained a rowdy crowd.

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor played a set on the main stage. It was wild to watch them perform while the sun set as we sailed away from the Bahamas.

The Vibe

While there was plenty of amazing events and shows on board the thing I will remember the most is the comradery between the wrestling fans on the ship.

From the chants on board the ship while leaving Nassau…

To the bros being bros in the pool…

The overall vibe on the ship from the fans provided a joyful experience throughout that made the entire trip uniquely memorable.

To be honest, I barely scratched the surface on everything that went on during the four days. There were meet and greets with wrestlers, comedy shows, Mick Foley’s one man show. The schedule was so jam packed with activities that it was impossible to see everything.

Jericho delivered on his promise of throwing a great party surrounded with good wrestling and good music in a unique environment because every fan I talked to while leaving the ship had nothing but positive things to say about the entire experience.

Hopefully Jericho, Sixth Man and New Amsterdam Vodka come back next year with another cruise because together they all put on a hell of a show.

Note: Want to give a quick shoutout to the Sixthman crew for being amazing hosts and accommodating us at every turn while we were on board.

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