Three Classic Cocktails You Need To Try Revamped With Sailor Jerry ASAP

classic cocktails sailor jerry

“I haven’t done my best yet, only my best so far.” – Norman Collins, AKA Sailor Jerry

107 year ago this week, on a chilly January day in Reno, a rebellious and revolutionary artist was born. What followed was a life filled with disobedience, expression, and passion. Of course, that adventurous life belonged to none other than Norman Collins AKA Sailor Jerry.

To honor what would’ve been Norman Collin’s 107th birthday, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum has been celebrating the legend by showcasing his well-rounded list of accomplishments. From celebrating Sailor Jerry’s historic tattoo styles with today’s biggest tattoo artists to continuing his legacy through the rum which bears his name.

If you know anything about Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, you probably realize there is A LOT worthy of knowing about him. Beyond his well known Navy service (which sparked a lifelong love for ships and sailing), his personality as a musician and radio host, his longtime love of motorcycles, and even beyond his iconic legacy in the tattoo industry is a story about a complex man with unrivaled versatility.

Norman Collins’ drive to be a jack-of-all-trades was front of mind when it was decided to develop a traditional spiced rum worthy of sharing the name of an icon. So, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum is made the traditional way – the sailors’ way. It starts with a base, combining the absolute best combination of Caribbean rums. Next, a unique combination of natural spices are blended into the rum, just like sailors did to take the edge off of high proof rum. The result is an old-school high-proof rum with a bold yet balanced and smooth taste – perfect for anyone’s favorite cocktail.

As so many remember Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins for his 107th birthday, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum wants you to join in the celebration. How can you join in the celebration? Well, for Norman Collins’ 107th birthday celebration, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum remembering two of Collin’s most beloved passions.

First, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum is partnering with Harley-Davidson for the My Work Speaks For Itself” Contest. Fans are invited to submit their most creative designs then six worthy winners will see their concepts emblazoned on 2018 Harley-Davidson Street Bob motorcycles. Learn more and submit your entry here: Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum’s “My Work Speaks For Itself” Contest.

Secondly, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum partnered with Amanda ‘Bad Birdy’ Colom of House of Machines LA to develop cocktails that utilize Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum by embracing its unmatched versatility. The results are three hauntingly familiar cocktails with revived builds, combining accents of your favorite cocktails with the unexpectedly bold yet smooth tastes of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum.

We recently hung out with Amanda ‘Bad Birdy’ Colom and Sailor Jerry brand ambassador Ashley Marsh, who offered some insight into why it’s such a versatile liquor for cocktails:

“Sailor Jerry stays true to the old tradition of spices and higher proof rum that results in a uniquely bold and smooth product,” Ashley Marsh shares. “The 92 proof allows the rum characteristics to shine through. Our unique recipe of spices results in a balanced, smooth liquid with notes of vanilla, toffee and cinnamon able to shine in a simple drink or a fancy ass cocktail.”

Introducing the Sailor Jerry Old FashionedDominican Maid, and Silver Screen Vixen. Check out Amanda ‘Bad Birdy’ Colom’s delicious and easy cocktail recipes below:


Created by Amanda ‘Bad Birdy’ Colom of House of Machines LA

    • 2oz Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
    • .25oz Simple Syrup
    • 3 dashes Angostura Bitters
    • 3 dash House Chocolate Bitters
    • Smoked w/Cherry Wood
    • Orange Oil Garnish


Created by Amanda ‘Bad Birdy’ Colom of House of Machines LA

    • 2oz Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
    • 1oz Lime
    • .75oz Simple Syrup
    • Muddled Cucumber
    • Handful of Mint
    • Flamed Absinthe Rinse
    • Cucumber/Mint Sprig Garnish


Created by Amanda ‘Bad Birdy’ Colom of House of Machines LA

    • 1.5oz Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
    • .75 Lemon
    • .75 Turbinado Syrup
    • Muddled Blackberry
    • Handful of Mint
    • 3 Drops of Vietnamese Cinnamon Tincture
    • Cinnamon Fog
    • Blackberry/Mint Sprig Garnish

Break out your cocktail kit and a cold glass to experience the unrivaled versatility of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, thanks to these professionally crafted cocktails. And of course, don’t forget a birthday cheers to a legend’s legacy of bold creativity and spirit of adventure.

“People are only supposed to believe the legends not understand them.”- Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins


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