Conan Takes Tom Cruise On The Most Boring And Funny 11-Minute Car Ride

Using car rides as a platform for TV interviews are so hot right now. You have James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” and you have Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.” Conan O’Brien attempted his own spin on the get in the car and drive idea and he pitched the concept to his guest, the one and only Tom Cruise. “We take it back to basics,” Conan told Cruise. “We just drive. Two guys just driving. This is a whole new level.” And when Conan says “two guys just driving,” that is really the entire extent of the segment. There are no interview questions on Tom’s new movie “American Made,” there is no singing along with the radio, and no fun sightseeing. Just two guys driving. I must warn you, the segment is dull, plodding, boring, awkward, cringe-worthy, yet funny.

Conan explains to Cruise that he has no time for idle chit-chat or previously untold stories about Jack Nicholson because this is his first time driving on the opposite side of the road since they are in London and he really needs to concentrate on his driving. Conan does divulge that he had his driver’s license revoked for driving under the influence after taking pills. The 11-minute video is so boring that the “Top Gun” star falls asleep for 45 minutes. When Cruise says he has to go to the bathroom, Conan offers him a water bottle and a bucket so the Hollywood star can relieve himself without the car having to stop. Sadly, Conan missed a golden opportunity to name the segment “Cruise Control.”