Dave Grohl Does The Best Christopher Walken Impression…Seriously, I’m Watching This All Day

Christopher Walken has (arguably) the most unique style of speech in Hollywood. Just about anyone who’s ever heard Christopher Walken speak is capable of doing a Walken impression because of his distinct cadence of speech. But just because every Jack and Jane off the street can do a Christopher Walken impression it doesn’t mean they’re all good.

I’m a shitty impressionist. Probably the only thing I’m worse at in life than impressions is karaoke. I shit you not, when I sing karaoke it sounds like someone is strangling a parrot. People always hit me with ‘oh, there’s no way you can be that bad! Just sing one song’…and then they hear me do karaoke and never ask me to do anything ever again. Frankly, it’s actually a pretty successful strategy on my part to get people to stop inviting me to shitty birthday parties.

Anyways, Dave Grohl‘s got the best Christopher Walken impression I’ve seen in quite some time. I’ve already watched this video at least five times this morning and I plan on watching it again in the next few minutes. I invite you to join me.