Your Daily Cup Of Internet: Daylight Savings Time Sucks; Tristan Thompson And Model Karizma Ramirez

The internet is a very big place. Sure, it makes the world smaller, but the internet itself is gigantic. There is no way for anyone to be able to navigate it and see all of the content that is produced on a daily basis.

Heck, we can’t cover every story on the internet that we think you might want to know about, so rather than just pretend these things didn’t happen, we share.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your highly-caffeinated morning cup of internet.

Ball Is Life, Literally: How a pilot saved Michigan basketball team from a worse disaster in 2017 airplane incident

Sports Entertainment: Roman Reigns suggests an offseason for WWE, but is that realistic?

Physical Education: Daylight Savings Time seems to be really bad for our health

Money Matters: The 5 biggest credit card scams and what you can do to protect yourself

Dream Job: You could live in Sweden and get paid to do nothing all day long

Grab Bag

Coming Attractions: Alexandra Daddario to play a crazy lesbian in Why Women Kill

Big Picture: Captain Marvel’s biggest post-credit scene raises important, Endgame-altering questions

You’re Doing It Wrong: Unlucky man shows how not to pour a champagne tower

Love Hurts: Pete Davidson got a giant unicorn tattoo, ten bucks says it’s for Kate Beckinsale

Better Half: Woman spotted with Tristan Thompson has been identified as model Karizma Ramirez

Florida: Florida is a haven for rich people who hate paying taxes

What Are Those?

Nice Whip


Trailer Park: Bloodcraft

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