Two Dudes Beatboxing ‘Despacito’ Is The Most Impressive Cover Of The Song You’ll Ever See

Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’ is the most watched/played video in the history of YouTube. I just checked, and the original version featuring Daddy Yankee has 3.8 BILLION views, while the remix with Justin Bieber has 539 million views.

There are already a comical amount of ‘Despacito’ covers on YouTube, and some pretty good ones out there. But you aren’t going to see any ‘Despacito’ cover as impressive as this version from South Korean beatboxing duo Hiss & Bigman. This video just started trending on YouTube, presumably after it got submitted to Reddit’s r/videos, and it’s taking off like wildfire.

Beatboxing is a dying art form. It reached its peak in the 80’s and has pretty much been on the decline ever since, with an occasional renaissance here or there. It’s nice to see that this duo from South Korea is keeping beatboxing alive, and it looks like they’re thriving on YouTube.