‘Devil’s Wheel’ Is An Awesome Oktoberfest Tradition, A Spinning That Drunk People Try And Ride

The Devil’s Wheel is a true Oktoberfest tradition. This ride has been around for years, and it’s one of the best parts about Germany’s annual drinking festival.

At its core, the Devil’s Wheel isn’t too far off from your average carnival ride. It’s a spinning wheel that people ride. The X-Factor here is there’s also a swinging foam ball that tries to knock off the riders AND everyone who attempts to ride the Devil’s Wheel is drunk because this is Oktoberfest and everyone there is hammered. Oh, there are also people trying to lasso you the entire time. Basically, this is an entire clusterfuck of a ride and it’s awesome.

It’s hard enough to stay on a spinning structure when you’re drunk, but you add in a swinging ball that’s trying to knock you off and the fact that you’ve been chugging steins for hours and this becomes the greatest drinking game in all of Germany.