11 Everyday Carry Essentials: St. Patrick’s Day

everyday carry essentials

St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend so I figured today is as good of a time as any to overload you bros with green gear. We’ve got a little bit of everything today and thankfully for you, this gear can be used, worn, and drank all year long. We start on the top left with a (1) limited-edition Guinness Harp T-shirt, one of the three iconic images of Guinness. The actual harp is housed nearby the St. James Gate brewery (where this shirt is printed) at Trinity College in Dublin. Below that is a pair of (2) Revtown Jeans in Sharp Denim which are unmatched in their comfort and they are a must-have for every guy in 2019.

In the center, we see a (3) light gecko green backpack from Patagonia which is perfect for everyday use, day hikes, or loading up with some frosty beer sodas for a parade. Below the backpack is (4) an exclusive pair of boots from Rancourt and Co. made right here in the USA. On the righthand column, we start with (5) the Douk-Douk folder knife for everyday carry, this comes with a sheath and sharpener. That’s next to a stylish and affordable (6) field watch from Timex x Todd Snyder.

Moving to the middle, we check out (7) the Good Guy Wellness Hair Growth Gummy Vitamins which are loaded up with essential vitamins to promote full, healthy, hair and prevent hair loss. (8) Next to that is the 64oz Stanley Growler which is 40% off right now. On the last line, we’ve got some (9) Guinness Irish Stout (self-explanatory) followed by (10) Belle Isle Cold Brew Coffee Moonshine from Richmond, Virginia. Drop a 1 oz. shot of the Belle Isle Cold Brew Coffee into a Guinness Draught and you’ve got yourself an ‘Irish Breakfast Bomb‘, an absolutely delicious St. Patrick’s Day cocktail. Lastly, we see a green/camo wallet to keep your cash safe.

[1] St. Patrick’s Day Limited-Edition White Tee w/ Green Harp [$25]

[2] Revtown USA Sharp Denim Jeans [$75]

[3] Patagonia Lightweight Black Hole Pack in Gecko Green [$69]

[4] Rancourt and Co. Wolf Boot in Olive [$295]

[5] Douk-Douk Green Folder + Leather Sheath + Sharpener [$45]

[6] Timex x Todd Snyder Military Watch [$138]

[7] Good Guy Wellness Hair Growth Gummy Vitamins [$15]

[8] Stanley Classic Vacuum Growler (64oz) [$35]

[9] Guinness Irish Stout [Priceless]

[10] Belle Isle Moonshine ‘Cold Brew Coffee’ [$19-$29]

[11] The Leather Rookie – Front Pocket Bifold Wallet [$19]

everyday carry essentials

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