Watch Incredible Footage Of Three F-15 Fighter Jets Race A Solar Eclipse

Your video of the day is three F-15E Strike Eagle fighter jets attempting to race a solar eclipse. This incredible footage shows these ridiculously fast jet fighters chasing the moon’s shadow across Earth during a solar eclipse.

The F-15E Strike Eagle is the fastest fighter jet in the United States Air Force. The F-15E Strike Eagle has a top speed of nearly Mach 2.5 or 1,875 mph. That’s blistering fast, but so is the moon’s shadow, which moves at 1,700 miles an hour, while the Earth rotates at 1,000 miles an hour. The goal of the flight team was to stay in the moon’s shadow for three minutes.

The video shows the trio of F-15 Strike Eagles took off from the Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho. They get in the air to intercept the moon’s shadow during the solar eclipse and then engage their afterburners and they accomplish their mission. Very awesome.