Dad Adds WWE Commentary To Wrestling Matches With Toddler And The Kid Can Really Take A Spear

by 3 years ago

My son and I often engage in fisticuffs. It’s always a lopsided affair. He’s only 7. I wreck his world.

This dad is much nicer to his son, delivering devasting finishing moves to his toddler onto a comfy queen-sized bed. A bed? Way to raise a real puss, man. You do it on the floor or you don’t do it at all!

The dad, Jamie Baker, created a series of videos titled “When Your Kid Annoys You,” featuring him and his young son “wrestling” while actual WWE commentary accompanies the action. It’s not a bad way to spend father and son time.

Here’s a “vicious” chokeslam…

Here’s an F5 to the little runt…

And here’s where junior finally gets some retribution…

As always, we must warn guys to “not try this at home” but we don’t mean the WWE moves we mean “having a kid.”

[via Laughing Squid]

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