This $17.5 Million Mansion In Florida Has A Go Kart Track And I’ve Never Needed Anything More

go kart

Pixabay / spamforpic

I was today years old when I realized that the thing I most desperately need in life is my very own Go-Kart racing track. I confident that I can survive several days without food or water but I’m no longer certain that I can make it through life without a sick Go-Cart track at my mansion for me and the boys to live out our Mario Kart dreams.

This 8 bedroom located on Lake Thonotosassa is on the outskirts of Tampa, just hop, skip, and a jump from the Seminole Hard Rock Casino and from Dinosaur World. Everyone knows those are two of the main attractions you seek out when searching for the perfect location for a $17.5 million mansion.

This outrageously awesome property is the latest to be featured by Architectural Digest and if you’re wondering how someone accumulates enough wealth for an estate like this, the owner was the CEO of Lazydays RV when he built it. The ‘Grand Salon’ is large enough to fit at least five of my old apartments in SoHo. It pains me to think about how much it would cost just to air-condition this mansion all Summer in Florida.

The Zillow listing said this property has 8 bedrooms, 26 BATHROOMS, and totals 36,361 square feet. It’s a French-Normandy Style Manor which makes perfect sense for central Florida, right?? I can understand wanting the massive garages, endless bathrooms, replica 1960’s style dinner, massive gym, and everything else but what would you ever actually do with all of that space? Wouldn’t you feel the need to constantly be at home and taking advantage of everything the house has to offer?

Honestly, why would a workshop ever need two half baths? So much of it seems like overkill.