You Can Now Bet On Migrating Great White Sharks If You Need Your Gambling Fix

by 4 weeks ago
Great white shark smiling in the blue ocean

iStockphoto / RamonCarretero

For any gambling degenerates out there looking to fill that gambling fix you can look to the ocean for your next action. An offshore sportsbook just released a ton of odds on migrating Great White Sharks and you’ll be able to place bets on when these sharks will ‘ping’ and hit the surface.

The sharks have all been tagged by OCEARCH, a non-profit which tracks shark movement across the world to keep track of these massive great whites and their migration patterns. They have odds listed for 9 great whites including Unama’ki, Sydney, Miss May, Miss Costa, Ironbound, and others. And you’ll be able to bet on which sharks will ping next/first and which day they are most likely to ping on.

You can track all of this using the OCEARCH tracker app too which will give you a sense of where these sharks are and what their recent activity has looked like. Here’s the rundown of how this will work, via Forbes:

Gamblers will be able to wager on an assortment of odds and props pertaining to the specific migration patterns of individual great white sharks. The ones pictured above is known as “Unamaki.”
“I have no illusions of grandeur that we are going to make millions of dollars off of this. It’s a fun thing and hopefully it catches on,” said David Strauss of MyBookie.

Strauss, who lives in Montreal, is a bit of a shark pundit. He got the idea from remembering how a now-defunct Web site tracked the migratory patterns of turtles that traveled from Costa Rica to the Galapagos Islands nearly a decade and a half ago.
“That always stuck in my mind, and the OCERACH site is perfectly set up to do this. All we had to do was come up with the odds. We were lucky that I knew about sharks and how they migrate,” Strauss said.

You can find a full rundown of the odds by checking out the article on Forbes which has more information and links to the sportsbook.

Under normal circumstances, we would be entering that unofficial ‘dead zone’ of sports betting this week. Last year’s NBA Finals ended on June 14th which means the NBA season could’ve/would’ve ended just a few days ago. The St. Louis Blues won Game 7 of the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals on June 12th. In a normal year, the gambling world would be turning to MLB, PGA, and UFC right now. It would’ve been a bit of a different Summer with the Olympics but that doesn’t drive a ton of gambling interest.

This isn’t a normal year. 2020 has thrown us a new obstacle nearly every week since the year started. But soccer is back! Man City beat Arsenal yesterday. My Tottenham Hotspur plays Manchester United tomorrow. The NHL might return in mid to late July. The NBA ‘bubble’ is progressing and there’s supposed progress on the MLB front. But that still leaves just Golf, MMA, and Soccer to bet on until now.

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