GoDaddy’s Super Bowl commercial forces Bar Refaeli to make out with an ugly guy

You may have seen this video in today’s What’s Winning the Internet but it deserves its own moment in the sun. It’s GoDaddy’s Super Bowl commercial featuring Bar Refaeli…making out with some ugly guy.

Good for this Rosacea-faced Newman look alike. Not only did he get to make out with Bar Refaeli, he got paid Super Bowl ad campaign money to do it. And, according to an interview with AdWeek, the commercial took FORTY FIVE TAKES to get the footage needed. Maybe the rest of his days are spent hassling his agent to find more roles for guys who look like they were repeatedly pelted with frozen tomatoes, but this is a career highlight that very few can match.

That said, I would not have thought there would be a way to make a Bar Refaeli make-out session completely perturbing. This ad did just that. Good work, team.