Massive ‘Pissed Off’ Great White Shark Caught Chewing On Boat

Two Australian fishermen just wanted to go crabbing, but ended up with more than they could chew when a massive great white shark also wanted some fresh crabs. Simon Lawrence and Blair Fitzgerald were approximately 10 miles off the coast of Coffin Bay in southern Australia when they noticed one of their crab pots were moving. The culprit was a massive great white shark trying to help himself to some free crabs.

The 15-foot-long beast circled the 20-foot boat as it tried to eat the crabs. The fishermen launched their drone to see where their crab pots were going while also capturing the encounter with the massive shark. The professional anglers said the shark chewed on the boat’s motors and attacked the GPS equipment. During the video, one of the men is heard saying that the huge shark is “pissed off.”

“More aggressive than I’ve ever had, I’ve been doing this 12 years now… I’ve never seen one go the boat like that, he wasn’t happy until he got that pot back,” Lawrence said. “Normally they pop their head up and swim away but this one was pretty keen to come back and get his pot,” Fitzgerald said.

These gentlemen could have used a bigger boat.