Dude Absolutely Nails Every Accent Of People Around The World Speaking English (Mind = Blown)

by 6 months ago

Languages are tricky. You can be a polyglot who is fluent in countless languages, capable of traveling the entire world and conversing with the locals, but it’s nearly impossible to nail the accents in all of those languages because of regional dialects.

This dude featured on ‘Football Road Trips’ is quite possibly a dialect and accent coach, or it’s possible he just has a freakish knack for accents and works as a pub janitor who unclogs toilets. I really don’t know anything about this man that I can’t learn from the video’s description other than the fact that he’s a total savant when it comes to accents.

His bros just throw out country after country and he absolutely NAILS each country/region’s accent when speaking English, particularly the Dutch and South African accents. Many of the commenters are saying those are the two best Dutch/South African accents they’ve ever heard. (h/t Reddit’s r/videos)


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