Have Trouble Getting From Six To Midnight? Hims Is Here To Help

hims erectile dysfunction

Clearly having a problem isn’t weird. Not doing anything about it…that’s weird.

It’s hard to have conversations about not getting hard. No one is just dying to talk about the fact they can’t always get an erection when they want one.

Obviously, this isn’t shocking but there are a couple interesting reasons for why these conversations are avoided. Most notably, there is an old and unfair stigma around struggling to get or maintain an erection. Too many men believe the boner blues AKA erectile dysfunction (ED) affect their reflection as a man, which can play a role in self-esteem and ego. Additionally, most guys think you have to be a 70-year-old man in a linen shirt or bathtub on a mountain to be affected by ED. Wrong again, dude.

Here’s a fact, Jack: one in four new cases of ED is diagnosed in men under the age of 4o years old, according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Ignoring your sexual wellness is just stupid, you’re doing yourself a disservice by ignoring a problem that’s common and easy to treat. So, with nearly half of guys under the age of 50 experiencing erectile dysfunction, there should be a better solution than buying counterfeit Viagra from an internet pop-up ad.

Enter, Hims.

Hims is a modern healthcare company for men, by men. Hims makes it insanely easy to learn about ED, talk to a doctor, get a prescription, and get your medicine… all of which can be done without leaving your home. Best of all, your first month of ED medication from Hims for just $5.

Real Doctors, Real Medicine, Really Easy

Listen, going to the doctor sucks. I mean, scheduling an appointment, filling out paperwork, seeing three nurses before getting 5 minutes with the Doc then paying for what felt like an ordeal designed only to disrupt your day, really sucks.

Now, imagine that entire ordeal but headlined by having a conversation with your doctor about how you wanted to get or keep a boner but couldn’t make it happen. That day just went from sucks to shitty, right?

At the same time, if you’re struggling with ED and ignoring your sexual wellness – you’re doing yourself (and possibly others) a great disservice. Not getting hard when you want is frustrating enough, adding a face-to-face conversation with someone in a lab coat about your penis sub-awesome.

Instead, get comfy on your couch and embrace the beauty of telehealth. Now you can talk to a real, certified doctor from the comfort of your own home. You can ask as many questions as you’d like and have the comfort and confidence of knowing you’re taking medicine as prescribed by a healthcare professional, without having to go through the pain-in-the-ass of a traditional doctor’s office.

While still on your couch, you can instantly fill your prescription with Hims to have your medications delivered every month. The same medicine you can get from a traditional pharmacy but delivered right to your doorstep.

Have new questions after you’ve started taking medication for ED? Hims isn’t gonna leave you hanging, they’re committed to making sure you feel good about your health. So, if you ever want to reconnect with a doctor or have questions about how you’re getting your medication, Hims can connect you with the healthcare professional or have its phenomenal customer care team help you out with logistic-related solutions.


Hims believes you deserve to have an erection when you want one, not just when your penis says it’s allowed. So, Hims offers the simplest and most convenient solution to addressing your own sexual wellness; because it shouldn’t be hard to get hard.

Right now you can get your first month of ED medication from Hims for just $5: