Comedian Wanda Sykes Takes On The ‘Hot Ones’ Challenge And Eats The World’s Hottest Wings

The ‘Hot Ones’ challenge has taken down celebrities left and right for several seasons on YouTube. In the latest episode, comedienne Wanda Sykes from Curb Your Enthusiasm and Blackish attempts to eat the hottest wings in the world.

I’m assuming that most of you bros are familiar with the ‘Hot Ones‘ challenge because we feature most of their videos here on BroBible. However, if you aren’t, it’s basically a celebrity interview which takes place while the two parties eat 10 of the world’s hottest wings, made with the spiciest sauces on the planet, and it goes in ascending order so as the interview progresses the wheels come off.

It only took about 10 minutes into the interview before the heat overwhelmed Wanda and she was willing to confess to anything and everything on the planet. Which, to be fair, is about 7 minutes longer than most people would make it when trying to eat wings that spicy. So big ups to her for making it as far as she did, and for pushing through that 8-minute wall.