This $35 Million Malibu Home Has 2 Private Beaches, Wrap-Around Ocean Views, And It’s Offensively Nice

Malibu California

David Mark / Pixabay

Earlier today a friend sent me a link to an Instagram account dedicated to Bassett Hounds. It’s some person living in the Pacific Northwest who has 10 Bassett Hounds and spends every day just playing with adorably droopy dogs. The friend told me ‘this person is living my dream’.

I responded to that by sending him back a link to this house below and said I don’t need anything fancy to find happiness in life, nothing too much, just this $35 MILLION Italian-inspired Malibu home sitting atop a cliffside with two private beaches and wrap-around ocean views.

So if anyone out there has $35M they want to ship my way so I can achieve happiness let me know and I’ll send you a link to my Venmo account so we can get the ball rolling on this.

‘Il Pelicano’ isn’t owned by some famous athlete or celebrity, it’s just a completely badass piece of property that I thought a lot of you gentlemen out there would like to see. This footage is from Architectural Digest which highlights some of the nicest homes in America.

Now the question is whether or not this home is worth $35 million? It’s pretty difficult to put a price tag on 2 private beaches in that part of California but if you’re going to, that price tag is going to be in the tens of millions.

Malibu is one of the most desirable places to live on the planet. Prime real estate is nearly impossible to come by there because it gets snatched up so quickly by powerful celebs and old money. So I repeat, if you have $35M and want to make my dreams come true just hit me up and I’ll gladly take that money off of your hands.