Browns Wide Receiver Jarvis Landry Shares The 10 Things He Can’t Live Without On The Road

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry is a rich man these days. He signed a 5-year contract with the Cleveland Browns worth $75,500,000 which came with a $7.5 million signing bonus. $47 MILLION of that contract was guaranteed.

Through five games this season with Cleveland, Jarvis Landry has racked up 381 yards on 29 receptions. He’s had two 100+ yard games so far, and he’s brought in 1 touchdown.

Landry’s a busy man, a traveling man. Life in the NFL means you are constantly on the road whether it be traveling to a game, meeting with your sponsors, or squeezing in a night out in South Beach, Los Angeles, Vegas, or New York when you’ve got the night off.

Jarvis recently got with GQ‘s YouTube team to take them through the 10 things he can’t live without on the road. I guess this is Landry’s version of his ‘Everyday Carry Essentials‘ which, as you know, look different for everyone.

I don’t mean to harp on the fact that he’s a wealthy man but that certainly factors into the quality of the gear that goes on the road with Jarvis. He’s also tall, in perfect shape, and he has big feet. This means his collection of Everyday Carry gear is pretty unique.

Frankly, the gear I travel with is really not that far off from Jarvis Landry’s. We both travel with headphones, designer shoes, a Macbook, hand sanitizer, and more. We differ in that it’s not exactly normal for me to hit the road with a pouch full of expensive ass diamond necklaces.

For anyone not watching the video, the list goes something like this:

1) Balenciaga shoes that are easy to slip in and out of for traveling
2) Beats headphones
3) A notebook
4) MacBook computer
5) iPad Tablet
6) Hand sanitizer
7) Jewelry
8) Cologne
9) Bible
10) Sprayground Backpack — Jarvis Landry custom

You know someone’s well off when ‘cologne’ is included in their everyday carry essentials when that person is someone who travels regularly. Why? Because cologne is typically larger than the allotted size by the TSA. You and I can’t go through security with most cologne bottles because it’s too much liquid.

Jarvis isn’t going through TSA security though, is he? This man’s flying private jets (PJs) all over and when you’re flying private there’s nobody on hand to tell you what you can and can’t fly with because it’s YOUR plane.

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