Tour Joe Rogan’s $3.2 Million California Home That Just Hit The Market, Complete With A Meditation Atrium And Custom Gym

Joe Rogan

Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images

In Joe Rogan’s relentless quest for freedom, the podcast revolutionary took his $100 million (Spotify employees be damned) and dropped $14.4 million of it on a 10,890 square-foot Lake Austin mansion.

The 53-year-old, who now hosts his podcasts in a giant flesh light, is in the process of shedding his Los Angeles skin by posting one of his two Bell Canyon homes on the market with for $3.2 million, $900,000 more than what Joe and his wife paid for it in 2003.

The home was built in 1978 on a two-acre lot and has five bedrooms and five full bathrooms within 7,573 square feet. The home features a “meditation atrium,” a game room, and Rogan’s custom gym.

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Rogan also owns another Bell Canyon home that he bought for an area-record $5 million in 2018 that to my knowledge he is holding onto because, well, he can.