Your Daily Cup Of Internet: Johnny Manziel Back On The Football Field; Mia Khalifa Is Engaged

The internet is a very big place. Sure, it makes the world smaller, but the internet itself is gigantic. There is no way for anyone to be able to navigate it and see all of the content that is produced on a daily basis.

Heck, we can’t cover every story on the internet that we think you might want to know about, so rather than just pretend these things didn’t happen, we share.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your highly-caffeinated morning cup of internet.

Bump And Run: Johnny Manziel hit the practice field with his new AAF team

Ball Is Life: Another woman tries to expose Zion Williamson

Around The Horn: MLB testing out bizarre new high-tech way to combat sign stealing at nationals camp

Physical Education: You know you can check for colon cancer without a colonoscopy, right?

Play Time: Canceled SEGA Genesis game would’ve had Alien vs. Predator playing football

Grab Bag

Money Matters: The best financial advice at every age

Big Picture: Here’s the Marvel movie order list you didn’t know you needed

True Hollywood Story: Game of Thrones behind-the-scenes video reveals how the show safely burns everyone with dragon fire

Troll Hunting: Emily Ratjakowski shuts down trolls accusing her of “body-shaming” friend with bikini pic

Love Connection: Mia Khalifa announces engagement To Swedish chef Robert Sandberg

No Respect: What’s the least useful body part?

Florida: Let’s revisit Florida’s bizarre lost theme parks from before the Disney era

What Are Those?

Nice Whip


Trailer Park: Annabelle Comes Home

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