Keanu Reeves Spots Fan’s Yard Sign On His Way To Set, Stops Car, Gets Out And Signs It With A Message

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Keanu Reeves Spots Fans Yard Sign Stops Car Signs It With A Message

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One of the most clichéd things I see written on the internet when discussing ultra-generous movie star Keanu Reeves is that “we don’t deserve him.”

I take the opposite stance. We DO deserve him. With so many garbage people in the world making our lives much harder and more stressful than they really need to be, seeing someone with the fame and fortune of Keanu Reeves being *gasp* a good person all the time is one of the few things that actually restores my faith in humanity a little bit.

Granted, as jaded as I and most people are, it’s difficuly to think that Keanu Reeves’ behavior is real and not just some kind of lame public relations act, but until proven otherwise, I am a believer and so are thousands of other people out there.

The latest Keanu Reeves story of goodness comes to us from Ed Solomon, the writer of all the Bill and Ted films, including the one Reeves is working on right now.

On Thurdsay, Solomon shared a story and a couple of photos on Twitter about how he and Reeves were in a car on their way to the set of Bill & Ted Face the Music, when Reeves spotted a fan’s sign directed at him on her lawn that read, “YOU’RE BREATHTAKING.”

The phrase is in reference to Reeves’ awesome presentation at E3 for the upcoming video game Cyberpunk 2077 in which he plays “legendary rockerboy” Johnny Silverhand.

So, because he’s Keanu effing Reeves, rather than just cruise by, he stopped the car, hopped out, grabbed the sign, knelt down in the grass, and wrote a reply that said, “Stacey, You’re Breathtaking!”

In case you were wondering, yes, she did see what Keanu did to her sign and as one would expect, was blown away.

Okay, okay… one more time…

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