We Now Live In A World With Ketchup Slices And The Internet Is Shook

by 1 year ago

The year is 2018, we don’t have a colony on Mars, we don’t have flying cars, we don’t have a cure for cancer. But what we do have is slices of ketchup. Yes, with all of humanity’s vast technology, humankind has created ketchup fruit roll-ups. There is a Kickstarter campaign to bring “Bo’s Original Slice of Sauce,” a slice-form of the tomato-based condiment, to a grocery store near you.

“Slice of Sauce™ transforms the traditional condiment aisle with individual “slices” of Signature Recipe Ketchup in a convenient and portable package of 8 portions,” according to the company’s description. “Layer it onto your burgers, sandwiches, wraps and more for a delicious burst of flavor and a perfect no-mess bite every time.” The selling point is that liquid ketchup is messy and spills out onto your dress shirt when you take a mammoth bite out of your cheeseburger. With Slice of Sauce, you can cut down on the mess plus bring it anywhere because it does not need to be refrigerated (but either do ketchup packets). Bo’s Fine Foods boasts that the sauce slices won’t make your sandwich soggy.

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