Young Kid And Older Man Discuss Their Lives So Far And Everyone Can Learn A Lesson From Both

by 2 years ago

Old Man Young Boy Life

The Facts Channel asked a 7-year-old boy and a 64-year-old man to sit down and answer questions about their lives so far. They wanted to know what lessons each could learn from the other person, even though they’re 57 years apart in age.

The conversation starts off a little boring, asking all the typical questions about life, but once the young boy asks the man about a relationship that ended with his girlfriend passing away the entire project turns into the first act of a Pixar film. (That’s usually when someone dies.)

So what can we all learn from this experiment?

Always be as optimistic as this young kid, no matter your age.
Homework sucks.
There’s always tomorrow but don’t live like it will come eventually.
Memories can get us through the pain.
Always have a tissue handy when watching these types of video.

[via Laughing Squid]