MANCRAFTED: How A Trip To Kroger Helped Me Save Time And Money On All My Grooming And Personal Care Needs

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A couple years ago, during the month of November, I decided that I was going to grow my beard and hair out and make it my year-round “look.” I did the whole no-shave November thing and, by the New Year, had a beard that you could grab by the fist. I’m a grizzly, hairy dude who loves IPAs and jam bands, so I figured it was time to just embrace my personal aesthetic destiny.

After about four months, people stopped asking if I’m ever going to shave (no). After about six months, my own grandmother finally came around to digging the luscious locks of lettuce and lumberjack beard.

I mean, just look at me:

That said, I had a blind spot in my new-found embrace of mancrafting my hair instead of just chopping it off: I didn’t realize how much time I’d spend on self-care and grooming when doubling-down on #beardlife. You can’t just let yourself go, otherwise you end up looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway, stuck on an island with a volleyball as a best friend. Friends, coworkers, and significant others start to look at you like you’re someone who screams “WILSON!” on their lunch break, too.

In other words, as a burly dude, you have to spend even more time in front of the mirror in the morning, trimming your beard and conditioning your flow. I liken it to landscaping a truly  beautiful piece of property: You have to scrub harder and prune and pick at the ugly-stuff consistently just how you make it all work.

Which brings us to the inevitable: shopping. Staying properly MANCRAFTED means making an investment in products that help you look, smell, and feel great without a lot of fuss. It’s so easy to throw your money away at craft products from a barber shop with dubious results.

This is why I like to do all my personal care shopping while I’m knocking out my grocery shopping at my local Ralph’s Grocery, which is run by Kroger around California. It’s usually the last thing I do before darting to the checkout, right after loading up on all the fixins’ for my legendary homemade nachos: Grab a bottle of Dove Men+Care Fresh and Clean Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner, a bottle of AXE Gold body wash with it’s relaxing scent of Oud Wood and Dark Vanilla, and a stick of Degree Men to keep the pits fresh and I’m good to go.

It feels great to get it all done in one trip, saving me time on trips to other stores and money because of the legendary Kroger discounts on products us dudes need to stay mancrafted: Dove Men, Degree, AXE, Suave, etc.

Right now, Kroger is running some incredible deals at their grocery chains, including Dillons, Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, King Soopers, Ralph’s Grocery, Smith’s Food+Drug. You can find your local Kroger using their store finder, right here.

Here are five incredible deals I was able to snag on men’s personal care products during a recent trip to Ralph’s. My family LOVES to give out personal care and grooming products to each other as stocking stuffers (it’s a weird tradition, I know), so I’m pretty excited about how amazing these deals were on body wash, deodorant, and shampoo.

Check out the significant markdown on my shopping trip. You can find the latest Kroger coupons on men’s personal care items, right here.

AXE Deodorant for $4.49 

Dove Men+Care Shampoo for $4.19 (I scooped up two!)

Sauve Men Body Wash for $1.99

Axe Shower Gel for $4.99

Here’s what my total came out to be:

All things considered, a successful trip indeed.

Ready to get MANCRAFTED? Don’t forget to find your local Kroger using their store finder and check out the latest coupons, right here

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