Dam Bursts In Laos, Causing Instant Flash Flood With Raging Waters Unlike Anything I’ve Ever Seen

Earlier this month a dam burst in the Xieng Khouang province of Laos, instantly sending flash flood waters into a valley full of workers. The footage captured of the dam’s waters are unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s absolute mayhem, which people screaming and scrambling for their lives as the violent rapids begin to consume the area with unforgiving brown river water. Some try to hop in their vehicles and drive to safety, unsuccessfully. Others attempt to book it on foot for safety. The dam itself was still under construction (since 2015) and was 85% completed before the rupture.

According to David Strege of Grind TV, there was a great deal of agricultural damage caused by this flash flood with crops being destroyed. The good news is there were zero fatalities reported, so it appears as if everyone made it out alive from this potentially deadly situation.

There was a second video filmed and it shows a different vantage point. This footage was shot up closer to where the dam ruptured and all of the mayhem began. It shows the raging flood waters pouring through the top of the dam where it then flows down into that valley below. The cause of the dam bursting is reportedly still under investigation by the government of Laos: