Raging Heavy Metal Cover Of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ Is The Way This Song Deserves To Be Played

As we cruise into the weekend here at BroBible I usually like to bring you bros some music that’ll take you through the weekend. More often than not lately that music has been a Heavy Metal cover by Leo Moracchioli.

Leo’s got one of the best channels you’ll find anywhere on YouTube. He takes popular songs from every genre and covers them in a Heavy Metal style that breathes new life into the tracks. I’d never categorize myself as an ‘Adele fan’ but I can admit that she’s talented, and her songs have been wildly successful. But just because something’s commercially successful it doesn’t mean I have to like it. But, when Leo Moracchioli shreds into ‘Someone Like You’ with his Heavy Metal take on the song I suddenly find myself enjoying the track.

If you’re looking for some more Heavy Metal covers to take you into the weekend you can check out Africa’s ‘Toto’ or this Heavy Metal cover of ‘Despacito’.

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