Feeling Like A Zombie Who Can’t Function All Day? Livit Wellness’ Keto Coffee Creamer Blends MCT Oil & Hemp CBD To Fuel Your Mind And Body

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Forget having a case of the Mondays, because, if you’re anything like I am, you just have a case of the long days, with life seemingly always piling stuff up that makes it hard to compartmentalize. From work to working out, social plans to down time, if it seems like it’s hard to balance everything without forgetting something, you’re not alone.

Rather than get frustrated with yourself and think you’re already showing signs of old age, there’s a helpful solution to all your brain’s haziness: Livit Wellness’ Keto Coffee Creamer, which is clinically designed to fuel your mind and elevate your mental clarity. Sounds like a life-saver, doesn’t it?


Available in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla, and made from a nootropic blend of clinically proven ingredients to help with mental clarity and cognitive function, Livit Wellness’ Coffee Creamer is perfect to mix in with either your morning cup o’ Joe, a smoothie or a protein shake following a beast mode workout. And because it’s caffeine free, you’ll avoid that crash that often comes with other nootropic products — so kiss that after routine grogginess goodbye, fellas!

Masterfully crafted by a team of R&D scientists with only the most sough-after natural ingredients — like Reishi Mushroom, Alpha GPC, BACOPA, Hemp CBD, MCT oil and GABA — Livit Wellness’ Coffee Creamer will help stave off those fuzzy moments that can regularly occur in your brain on the regular, leading to a more productive (and efficient) day. Plus, all products are extensively tested by multiple third-parties to ensure consistency, purity and potency, so you can expect the same feeling each time you use it. All products are also Non-GMO, manufactured in a GMP Certified facility and ICAP Certified.


After about two weeks of using Livit Wellness’ Coffee Creamer, the natural ingredients will begin to impact your mind in incredible ways. So stop feeling fuzzy in the head and unaware of all that you’ve got going on in life, because, with the help of Livit Wellness’ Coffee Creamer, you can feel more presence of mind and more aware, which will only help you live your best life.

Plus, thanks to a collaboration with Caffeine and Kilos, the official coffee of USA Weightlifting, you can stay strong both physically and mentally.


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