Eliminate Painful Joints And Muscle Aches With Livit Wellness’ (THC-Free) Joint Capsules

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It’s a fact that, after pushing ourselves through intense workouts (and, in some cases, just casual activities), our bodies end up feeling super sore. As someone who regularly pounds the pavement — and is now 35 years old somehow — I can tell you I don’t quite recover as quickly as I once did. The reason? Simply put, my joints can’t take the stress of all those miles I try to wrack up each day.

While it can be frustrating as hell, it’s not time to just stop being active and give up on what you love doing, right? Hell no! It’s time to take charge and show your body who’s really boss, giving it the support it needs to help joints stay strong while reducing inflammation. That’s exactly what Livit Wellness’ (THC-Free) Joint Capsules are meant to do — so it’s time to stock up and get your body back to feeling right again.

Livit Wellness was founded by Marine Raider (MARSOC) Travis St. Denis, and, after 10 years and five deployments, his body was broken and worn down. Travis tried the CBD sensation and realized he found something that actually worked. With that, he also noticed the CBD space was lacking innovation, so he teamed up with Lief Labs to explore how to integrate Hemp CBD with other clinically proven ingredients to maximize the effects and find a harmonious blend of nutrients and ingredients to bring about the most effective use of Hemp CBD.


Whether you’re trying to bounce back from a 50-mile bike ride, hoping to stave off soreness after an intense workout, or just trying to protect your joints from wear and tear from everyday use, Livit Wellness’ (THC-Free) Joint Capsules are there for you. Meticulously crafted to support joint health and recovery, these capsules bring relief and quality of life back — so you can get back to tackling life’s adventures.

Designed to leverage natural and clinically proven ingredients to support healthy joints and pain free movement, Livit Wellness’ THC-Free Joint Capsules have some of the best stuff on planet earth for your body. Glucosamine is a natural compound that’s intended to ease pain and improve joint health. MSM reduces inflammation and prevents the breakdown of cartilage. Pomegranate Extract decreases joint tenderness, swelling and pain. And, because Livit uses hemp — and is completely THC-Free — the extract from the plant reduces inflammation in the body, creating an entourage effect.

Finally, all Livit Wellness products are extensively tested by multiple third-parties to ensure consistency, purity and potency, so you can expect the same feeling each time you use it. All products are also Non-GMO, manufactured in a GMP Certified facility and ICAP Certified.


Don’t let chronic pain hold you back. Don’t let occasional aches prevent you from what you love doing. Don’t tap out on working out because your body feels defeated. With Livit Wellness’ (THC-Free) Joint Capsules, you can reduce the triggers of pain and inflammation immediately, allowing you to live you best life — no discomfort necessary.


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