Super Tall Lonzo Ball Tries To Guess How Tall People Are Just By Looking At Their Faces

Lonzo Ball is a tall man living in a world of extraordinarily tall men. He measures 6-foot-6-inches (same height as Kobe Bryant). Lonzo’s father LaVar Ball is also 6’6″. His 16-year-old brother LaMelo Ball is 6’5″, and his other brother LiAngelo Ball is 6’6″.

When you live in a house of dudes that who are pretty much all 6’6″ it’s easy to forget how fucking tall you are. Reality becomes even more obscured when you’re a professional basketball player and you’re constantly surrounded by dudes ranging from 6’1″ to 7’3″. It’s a world I cannot relate to, but it’s the everyday reality for Lonzo Ball.

To test just how out of touch Lonzo Ball is with reality, James Corden set up a game of ‘Taller or Shorter’ on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night. James had Lonzo Ball and his other guest, Sonequa Martin-Green, try and guess how tall random people are when they can only see the person’s face. These people were standing behind a barrier so hide their bodies.

I don’t even know if it’s worth mentioning or not, but Lonzo was repping a Big Baller Brand polo on the show last night…It’s also pretty f’n hard to guess how tall someone is when you can only see their face.