New Survey Says Making Your Bed Each Day Really Impacts How Much You’re Getting Laid

A new survey shows that making your bed each morning really has an impact on your sex life

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Making your bed every morning might seem like a stupid chore that doesn’t really impact your life, but, believe it or not, this little task actually speaks volumes to how some people feel each day. But I’ll get to that in a bit, because, according to a new study, there’s one mega interesting reason why pulling the sheets up and fluffing those pillows everyday needs to happen no matter what: Because your choice to do so or not do so can impact your sex life.

That’s from a study by OnePoll on behalf of Mattress Nerd, which split 2,000 Americans by bed-makers and non-bed-makers to determine what making your bed really means. Somewhat surprisingly, those who did the simply 30-second task actually had a more active sex life, with those people seeing a 25 percent uptick in romp sesh’s during their time in quarantine.

Additionally, if you’re thinking about having a first date come over to your place in hopes of a little bang-a-rang, should your bed be messy, there’s a much higher chance that you won’t be seeing any action, with the study results showing that 55 percent of respondents viewed an unmade bed as a turn-off. That’s no bueno.

As for the rest of the study, it helped explain why making your bed is something that can really help your mental health and keep you feeling productive throughout the day.

Per New York Post:

“Having a clean and organized sleep space trickles into other areas of your life; workspace, kitchen, living room, etc.,” said Madison Muire, Editor at Mattress Nerd.

“Not only does making your bed in the morning have a psychological impact on your productivity, but it also makes you more likely to keep other things cleaned and organized; laundry, sheets, etc.”

For those interested, take a look below at some of the top reasons why people say they make their bed.

  1. It makes my room look clean: 64 percent
  2. It’s part of my morning routine: 59 percent
  3. Out of habit: 52 percent
  4. Makes me feel ready for the day: 50 percent
  5. It makes me feel productive: 44 percent
  6. I feel like I sleep better when my bed is made daily: 38 percent
  7. It helps me manage my stress levels: 32 percent

There you have it, guys, making your bed has a major impact on how your day goes. But, more importantly, doing it really seems to impact how often you’re, well, doing it it; if you catch my drift. So, while it may have been a pain in the ass when we were all younger, and a few of you out there probably still have PTSD from your parents yelling at you about it, the last thing you want is a first date leaving because your bed look like a fucking pigsty.

(H/T NY Post)