Margot Robbie Plays A Game Of ‘Box Of Lies’ With Fallon And Proves She’s An Excellent Liar

Margot Robbie has been on top of the world for several years. Ever since she won over every millennial in The Wolf of Wall Street things have been going spectacularly for Margot.

Last night, the Queensland native was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. She and Jimmy sat down for a game of ‘Box of Lies’. It’s a recurring sketch on Fallon where each contestant pulls a random item out of a box while hiding that item behind a panel. The other contestant can only see the person’s face, not what’s behind the box. The contestant is then required to describe what’s in the box or make something up, and the other competitor must ultimately decide if it’s a lie or not.

I’m actually impressed by Fallon’s ability to catch Margot Robbie’s lies. He stared her straight in the face and was able to call her out when she came up with the most outlandish idea of Jimmy’s head on the body of Jessica Rabbit. Margot Robbie could tell me the Pope shits in the woods and I’d believe her. Fallon was able to look past Margot’s beauty and that’s something he deserves credit for.

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