Matt Damon’s Buying The Most Expensive Home Ever Sold In Brooklyn So Get Ready To Feel Poor


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Matt Damon was wise to drop out of Harvard University because he’s been one of the most successful Hollywood actors of his generation. Matt has an estimated net worth of over $160 million. Worldwide, Matt Damon‘s movies have grossed over $6,929,100,000 at the box office. Yes, that’s almost $7 billion that his movies have grossed but I think we also consider how the world has spent <over $900 BILLION rescuing Matt Damon in movies.

With all of that money in his bank account, Matt Damon was looking to purchase a Brooklyn Heights mansion last year for $40 million before his kids got rejected from the elite St. Ann’s private school in Brooklyn and he pulled out of the negotiation. That deal would’ve SHATTERED the residential real estate record in Brooklyn of $15.5 million that was spent on a Cobble Hill townhouse back in 2015.

Matt’s back on the (real estate) market and this time around he’s going to break the Brooklyn records if all goes as planned. According to the Wall Street Journal, he’s under contract to purchase a penthouse in Brooklyn Heights for $16.645 million, which would make it the most expensive residential real estate deal in Brooklyn’s history.

The $16.645 million penthouse sits atop the Standish on Columbia Heights, located between Pierrepont and Clark streets. The 6-bedroom penthouse is actually several units combined together, and it features an enormous terrace with unrivaled views of Manhattan.

There aren’t too many details out right now about this record-breaking penthouse other than the price tag, terrace, 6 bedrooms, and something about the units having Austrian white oak floors. Actually, WSJ has a fun piece of trivia about the building. Apparently, it used to be the Standish Arms Hotel which was where Clark Kent lived in the Superman comic book series.

One thing’s for certain: Jimmy Kimmel will never be invited over to Matt Damon’s record-setting Brooklyn penthouse for dinner.