McDonald’s Is Testing Out Vegan Burgers

Yes, you read that correctly. McDonald’s is testing out vegan burgers. We certainly live in interesting times. The vegan burger will be appropriately called the “McVegan.” Would have loved to have been at the 3-minute and 46-second meeting where they came up with the innovative name for their vegan burger. However, before you abruptly stop eating your zuchini lasagna with tofu ricotta and jump in your Prius to zoom to McDonald’s, you should know that the vegan burger is not in the United States as of yet. Currently, the McVegan is only available in one location and one location only – Tampere, Finland. The McVegan is only available in the land of the midnight sun for a limited time only, from October 4 to November 21.

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The meatless burger features a soy patty and appears to have toppings of lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, ketchup, and something called vegan McFeast sauce. According to vegan blog Veggie Athletic, McDonald’s Finland Marketing Director Christoffer Rönnblad said the McVegan can be served with vegan fries. If the McVegan is popular in Finland there is a good chance that it will be rolled out globally and available at your local McDonald’s.

Finnish are already posting photos of their McVegan burgers so there definitely is a market for the meatless meal. Are you game for a McVegan?