McDonald’s Worker On TikTok Explains Why You Should ALWAYS Order 20 McNuggets, Never Less

McDonalds Worker TikTok Why ALWAYS Order 20 McNuggets Never Less


  • A McDonald’s worker on TikTok has revealed why you should always order the 20 piece McNuggets.
  • He also explains why you should never never order the 4, 6, or 10 piece McNuggets meal.
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One of the best things to come from the invention of TikTok is all of the fast food secrets and hacks that get consistently shared.

For example, if it weren’t for an ex-McDonald’s employee on TikTok how would we know to avoid one drink at all costs?

And how would we know how to guarantee that the french fries we order are hot and fresh?

Or how a McRib gets made? Okay, sure, we definitely could have done without that one. *shudder*

Recently, another McDonald’s employee dropped some behind the scenes knowledge on TikTok that many people probably never even considered.

It all has to do with what size order of McNuggets you get.

A McDonald’s employees reveals why you should never order anything less than 20 McNuggets

According to this McDonald’s employee TikToker, any time you order McNuggets always order the 20 piece.

Why? Because it will be fresher than the 4, 6, or 10 piece packs.

In fact, he says that you should never order one of those smaller size McNuggets packs.

Why? Because, he says, it’s possible that your order of say 6 McNuggets could just be cobbled together with a bunch of leftover Nugs.

The video, posted by @nicaraguanjesus, has been viewed almost 800,000 times and while most people are very appreciative of the advice, not everyone is buying it.

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“As a worker I can confirm,” one viewer wrote.

“Just ask for it fresh,” another person commented.

“If someone asks me for it fresh they get exactly what they would have gotten anyway,” someone else replied.

“If you ask for it to be fresh they gone put it in the grease for a few seconds y’all, just get that 20,” wrote another viewer.

One person, however, hit the nail on the head with their comment, writing, “LOL who would only order 4? or 6? or even 10? 20 is always the best and it don’t cost that much more and nice next morning for a quick tasty bekfst.”