Almost Half Of Millennials Would Rather Give Up Sex Than Amazon, And I Hate To Admit, It’s A Tough Call

Millennials Rather Give Up Sex Amazon


Almost half of millennials say they’d rather give up sex than quit Amazon for a year, according to a new survey. And you know what, I can’t really blame ’em.

Millennials may have killed a lot of things, cheese, divorce, razors, tipping, big beer, retirement, Monopoly, (all totally not their fault, by the way), but if given a choice between sex and Amazon, we’d have to lay the blame at Jeff Bezos’ feet if we suddenly had a baby shortage.

I mean, the only way someone would get me to give up my Amazon Prime membership is for them to pry it from my cold dead hands… if you know, it was something I could hold (and cuddle) in my actual hands.

According to Business Insider

44% of millennials said they would rather give up sex than quit Amazon for a year, according to a new survey from Max Borges Agency. And, 77% of those surveyed would choose Amazon over alcohol for a year.

Max Borges Agency polled 1,108 people from the ages of 18 to 34 who had bought consumer-tech products on Amazon in the last year.

Honestly, I am more surprised by the 77% who would give up booze. That and the fact that there weren’t more than 44% who would prefer Amazon. We’re only talking about one year and we already know that millennials hate casual sex.

Anyhoo, the mere idea that this question was asked in the first place led to all sorts of incredulous reactions from the Twitter peanut gallery.

100 percent true… probably.


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