Your Daily Cup Of Internet: MMA Fighter Punches Pervert; Is Cryptocurrency a Scam?

The internet is a very big place. Sure, it makes the world smaller, but the internet itself is gigantic. There is no way for anyone to be able to navigate it and see all of the content that is produced on a daily basis.

Heck, we can’t cover every story on the internet that we think you might want to know about, so rather than just pretend these things didn’t happen, we share.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your highly-caffeinated morning cup of internet.

Bump And Run: XFL plans two games a week on network TV, two more on major cable

Abnormal Activity: MMA fighter Joyce Vieira punches alleged masturbator during sexy photo shoot

T.C.B.: These 53,000 design templates can give your presentations a big upgrade

Money Matters: Data snapshot: is cryptocurrency a scam?

Free Enterprise: Facebook spent $20 million on Mark Zuckerberg’s security last year

Grab Bag

Speed Thrills: Busch Gardens opens the tallest — and scariest — launch coaster in Florida

Troll Master: Mark Hamill says he loves to troll Star Wars fans online as it “drives them crazy”

Better Half: Meet the New Orleans stripper who’s dating Saints RB Alvin Kamara

The Dating Game: 5 strategies for Tinder openers you should try

Totally Normal: DuPont is trying to get adults to drink breast milk

Florida: Naked Florida man wanted for burglarizing little league concession stand

What Are Those?

Nice Whip


Trailer Park: Game of Thrones – episode 3

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