America’s UFO Saga Takes Strange Twist Following National Security Council Admission

UFO hovering over forest


People around the world have understandably had a well-documented obsession with the idea extraterrestrial beings have visited (and continue to visit) our planet with the help of the UFOs they use to facilitate their travels across the galaxy.

Many sightings can be chalked up to hoaxes or cases of mistaken identity, but the United States military has given plenty of others a fair amount of credence thanks to the hundreds of investigations it’s conducted without being able to come up with an adequate explanation for the crafts that were spotted.

That topic has recently attracted a virtually unprecedented amount of attention thanks to what unfolded in the skies above North America over the weekend.

On Friday, a UFO described as “the size of a small car” was shot down in Alaska a day before Canadian and American fighter jets took to the air to successfully eliminate an aerial threat that was spotted in the Yukon Territory.

On Sunday, the United States Air Force and National Guard were dispatched over Lake Huron to target yet another object, which was neutralized by the F-16 that fired a Sidewinder missile into the waters below before hitting the target on its second attempt.

While military officials have issued plenty of statements and held a number of public briefings addressing those incidents, they’ve failed to offer any concrete explanation. As a result, there’s been plenty of speculation concerning who’s responsible, including people who are convinced it must be aliens and others who’ve speculated the objects were linked to the Chinese ballon that sparked an international incident earlier this month.

On Tuesday, things took a very interesting turn when National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby offered an update by saying the United States currently has no reason to believe the three UFOs that were shot down were linked to China or were being used by any other country conducting an espionage operation.

According to Olivia Gazis of CBS News, the Kirby hinted the UFOs could be linked to private organizations using them for research purposes.

However, the fact that officials are currently referring to them as “objects” as opposed to “balloons” certainly isn’t doing much to quell the (admittedly somewhat baseless) speculation they could be of interplanetary origin.

Unfortunately, it appears anyone hoping for a more concrete explanation is going to have to wait for at least a few more days.

We live in some truly strange times.

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